SCC History

PT SCC was established on Friday, September 20, 2002, The business field of PT SCC is Palm Oil Plantation which is integrated with 1 (one) unit of Palm Processing Plant (PPKS) with 45 Up to 60 Ton of FFB / Hr.

PT SCC Palm Oil Plantation is located in 5 (five) villages with 2 (two) subdistricts of Bukit Raya, Parit in Cempaga Hulu and Rubung Buyung, Patai and Lubuk Ranggan in Cempaga Subdistrict, East Kotawaringin Regency. While the exact location of PPKS area of ​​PT SCC is (entered) in Rubung Buyung Village, District Cempaga.

In approximately 2010, Zonergy (Tianjin) Company Limited merged with PT SCC, therefore, the status of domestic capital companies PT SCC was changed to Foreign Capital Company.

PT SCC in running its business unit (Oil Palm Plantation and PPKS) has complied with the licensing standards that must be owned in accordance with the provisions of applicable law rules. Nevertheless, PT SCC is currently undertaking the Forest Area Exploitation process under Government Regulation No. 60/2012 on Amendment to Government Regulation No. 10/2010 concerning Procedure for Change of Allocation and Function of Forest Area, which is amended by Government Regulation Number 104 of 2015 on Forest Area Change Procedures and Functions.

PT SCC has now registered a government program in order to increase the competitiveness of Palm Oil, the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO).


Honest Responsible, Discipline, Caring, Control, Continues Improvement, Team Work, Coaching, Commitment