About Us

PT. Sinar Citra Cemerlang (SCC)

PT Sinar Citra Cemerlang (SCC) was established on Friday, September 20, 2002, based on the Deed made before Drs. Irawan Soerodjo, SH., M.Si., Notary in Jakarta. The Notarial Deed was then approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights at that time by a Decree dated January 17, 2003 under No. C-01015 HT.01.01.TH.2003.

Organization Structure

Vision & Mission


  • Become a reliable oil palm plantation company with the best governance, environmentally friendly and provide benefits to stakeholders


  • Conducting sustainable palm oil development in accordance with ISPO standards
  • Increase added value for all stakeholders
  • Assisting the empowerment of surrounding communities through an appropriate and appropriate CSR program
  • Develop human resources and local potential in the spirit of partnership

SCC Values

1.  Honest Responsible

Honest, objective, responsible and not violate business ethics.

2.  Discipline

  Diligent, full of spirit and obedient to regulation applied.

3.  Caring

Give attention and concern to fellow employees and stakeholders in order to achieve the goal.

4.  Control

Active to support surveillance and control effort of each and every work procedures to avoid the the deviation.

5.  Teamwork

Build cooperation and strong partnerships with all employees, stakeholders and local community for long term mutually  beneficial.

6.   Continues Improvement

Creative and proactive creating opportunities to carry out the constantly improvement and provide tangible benefits for customers.

7.  Coaching

 Performed a briefing and coaching of the employees to support continuesly improvements.